Alliance Growers has organized into four divisions
in order to focus our potential for success in the medical marijuana market.

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With its partner WFS Pharmagreen, Alliance Growers Corp is establishing the first in a series of Cannabis Biotech Complexes in Mission, BC.


The purpose of these facilities is to supply licenced cannabis growers with high quality ready-to-grow starter crops in the form of planet clones. These planetlets are produced using our own proprietary in-vitro “Chibafreen Process.”

The Mission Complex will be a 58,000 square foot, semi-automated, fully finished, facility. A state-of-the-art greenhouse will be part of the layout, allowing the facility to operate as a year-round nursery for the newly cultured cannabis crop. The facility will also house a cold storage area utilizing a proprietary Cryotissue Cold Storage technology for long-term preservation of plant tissue samples.


WFS Pharmagreen has already purchased the land upon which the proposed Cannabis Biotech Complex will be established. The new facility will be built and operated through WFS Pharmagreen’s new subsidiary, BC New Co.

Alliance Growers has entered into a binding Letter of Intent with WFS Pharmagreen Inc. to acquire an equity stake in this subsidiary. Alliance Growers will purchase a non-dilutive 30% equity interest in BC New Co., bringing their project revenue share to 30%. Alliance Growers will purchase up to 30% of BC New Co. shares for total consideration of $4.5 million within the next nine months. Alliance Growers will elect one of the three Directors of BC New Co.

The projected cost of the building is $15 million (CDN), and the projected annual plantlet production is 10 million. The plantlets are anticipated to sell for a price of $5 per unit for $50 million in gross revenues, while the cost per plantlet is anticipated at $1 (CDN). The projected annual profit $40 million (CDN).