Dear Shareholders, stakeholders and potential investors,

We are very pleased to announce that Alliance Growers has met the criteria to be listed as part of the CSE Composite index.  Effective September 15, 2017 Alliance Growers was brought into the CSE Composite index as part of the CSE’s Quarterly Rebalancing.

Alliance had had an incredible year thus far and we expect to end the calendar year at an all-time high.  This year we were able to more clearly define our business model and we identified the best paths to maximize value for all shareholders and stakeholders.

I would like to open up with clarification about our analyst coverage in a recent news release dated October 3, 2017.  We announced that Fundamental Research Corp. (“FRC”) published an initial equity analyst research report on Alliance Growers.  In accordance with IROC disclosure requirements, Alliance was required to disclose the amount paid to FRC.  In error, the news release read that Alliance Growers paid $25,000 for the report.  This was a significant misstatement as Alliance has never paid for any reports, especially an independent report.

Alliance Growers did, however, pay FRC $25,000 for one year of analyst coverage which includes Continuous Analyst Coverage for a duration of one year, starting with the initiating report, consisting of broad distribution of 4 Reports, and Analyst Notes featured on top Global Institutional and Retails Portals. In additional to global exposure, Fundamental Research will be representing ACG at various Industry Investment Conferences throughout North America and Europe at no additional cost. The most recent being the CSE sponsored event “Cannabis In The Capital Markets”, September 26, 2017 in Kelowna BC.

The Alliance Objective

We at Alliance are working to build a global cannabis company that will be where the market is going, not where the market is now, as it is constantly evolving.  We are focused on two primary streams in the cannabis space which are the most sustainable and that are here to stay; the grow stream and the medical CBD Oil stream.  We have other ancillary projects that complement the two main focus areas, but these two are our main focus.

The team continues to research and stay on top of the market for tissue culture plantlets as that business in Canada alone will be significant.  We expect to bring it to Europe next, starting with Germany as they started taking grow applications in June of 2017 for the first time ever.  Investors should note that although tissue culture is not new in general, it is new to the cannabis space to a certain extent and we have access to a better proprietary method through our partnership with BRIM.  It should also be noted that the barriers to entry are high as the qualification for the main staff and even assistants are extremely high and the initial facility cost and ongoing operating costs including quality control, are high.  This means that it is not worth it for individual growers, (even large ones like Aurora) will be doing tissue culture in house anytime soon.  Alliance is working on an extension to the Cannabis Botany Centre model, to provide in-house services where it makes economic sense for all parties.

Botanical Research in Motion Inc. (“BRIM”),

The Company and its business partner, BRIM have begun the process for an Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”) application with Health Canada, now that the property for the Cannabis Botany Centre has been secured.  The ACMPR Application will initially be for the 40,000 square foot Cannabis Botany Centre, however expansion plans will include a combination of greenhouse and indoor grow facilities of up to 1 million square feet on the 25 acre farm land acquired in Dewdney Derouche, Mission, BC, Canada.

BRIM and Alliance Growers will be working together to finance the construction of the Cannabis Botany Centre facility on the 25.44 acres of land located at 38482 Bell Road, Dewdney Derouche, Mission, BC, with some of the best water quality in the Greater Fraser Valley. This property has R-3 zoning to be converted to ALR and is located in the Fraser Valley Agricultural Belt, just 75 minutes East of Vancouver.

ACMPR Applicants

The Company is in negotiations with several ACMPR applicants at various stages in British Columbia and in Eastern Canada to acquire significant interests in their operations, via a shared financing mechanism. Due to the uncertainty with Canadian Public companies acquiring US cannabis related assets, Alliance has made the decision to focus on Canadian applicants at this time.

Alliance has already acquired interests in two ACMPR applicants, most notably Canwe, a private company based in Ontario that has applied for its ACMPR license and is currently in the review and security clearance stage. Canwe’s experienced team in cultivation and regulation presents a unique competitive advantage to Alliance Growers as we negotiate with other ACMPR applicants.

Canwe has access to a 22-acre property approximately 1.5 hours away from Toronto that it plans to use as its state-of-the-art hydroponic growing facility. Canwe boasts a strong team of highly sought-after industry veterans, some of whom formerly worked at ACMPR-licensed MedReleaf Corp. (TSE: LEAF). The team also includes several University of Toronto alumni and quality assurance specialists from the food industry. Canwe plans to construct an initial 80,000 square foot purpose-built and cutting edge cultivation centre, with the potential to expand the centre to 200,000 square feet over two floors.

The number of ACMPR applicants in Canada has increased drastically over the past several months as the regulations make for faster license processing for the best prepared candidates. The company has been in talks with growers from Vancouver Island and throughout the Okanagan, most recently working with a private ACMPR Applicant building a 100,000 square foot facility in Summerland.

International distribution of Medical CBD Oil

Alliance has entered into advance discussions with an Israeli medical cannabis company to make a strategic investment for a 20% equity interest in their company.  The Israeli company will grow and extract cannabis flower to develop pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol oil (CBD Oil).

The company is making an initial investment in phase 1 of their overall plan of USD$4.8M which is designated for 50-Hectares of site development, establishment of a mother nursery and a commercial greenhouse located in the most suitable area for Cannabis cultivation in the low cost off-shore jurisdiction. Alliance is in constant communication with the principals and when the Israeli company is ready for us, we will be ready for them, as we have been lining up financing for the CAD$2M investment with European institutions.

It is anticipated that the majority of the plant production would be processed for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil. This would facilitate the importation of the CBD Oil into various parts of Europe as it opens, then certain states in the USA and Canada when legalized.

The Israeli company has extensive expertise cultivating world-class marijuana in technical greenhouses. They have a team of scientists, designers, and engineers committed to developing high quality medial cannabis using greenhouses in geographical locations that offer an abundance of natural light. The Company’s R&D is based in Israel and involves both scientific and academic research as well as current ongoing registered medical clinical studies.

The Hemp Business Journal reports that the CBD market is growing at a rate of 30% per annum, and forecasts that sales of CBD Oils from marijuana-based sources are expected to reach $1,650,000,000, or- 79% of the Total CBD Market of $2,100,000,000 by 2020.

Financing Initiatives

Private Placement 3.8M units at 11c

Earlier this year, Alliance announced a non-brokered private placement to issue up to 3,800,000 Units at a price of $0.11 per Unit to raise gross proceeds of up to $418,000. Each Unit is comprised of one Share and one Warrant.  One Warrant is exercisable into one additional Share for a period of two years from the Closing Date at a price of $0.21 per Warrant share.

We are closing another $100k of the 11c private placement soon and we will be pricing another one higher in the coming weeks as the market moves up.

European Financing

The Company has received consideration from European financing groups for funding.  We have resumed discussions and are negotiating more favourable terms now that the institutions have a research report to better understand the potential of our business model.

Alliance Growers has been approached by a respected, experienced European investment group with an offer of multiple financing options on favourable terms that are optimally triggered by the various stages of the Company’s current and future needs, to prevent dilution to existing shareholders. The most significant benefit of the potential engagement is the introduction to key strategic investors. For example, this particular group has the ability to make introductions to strategic investors who are already involved in the cannabis space in Europe, such as CDB oil distribution in Germany.

Alumina Partners

Approximately three months ago, we executed on the first tranche of a financing commitment from Alumina Partners (Ontario) Ltd., a subsidiary of Alumina Partners LLC, a New York-based private equity firm, for a $5 Million equity facility in a series of private placements, with an option to extend the commitment up to $10 million. The Company proceeded with the first tranche of the offering by issuing 1,000,000 units at an issuance price of 10.5 cents per unit, each unit consists of one common share and one share purchase warrant, exercisable at $0.21 per share for a period of five years.

The purpose of the Equity Facility is to provide the Company with continuous funding for working capital and for its integrated projects at progressive intervals that are consistent with the value of the Company at each stage of its development and growth.

I am in communication with Alumina on a weekly basis and they are ready to finance us for another tranche anytime we are ready.  When our stock price moves up to 15 cents or higher, we will execute on another tranche for working capital purposes.

Other Financing initiatives

To assist in the financing of ACMPR applicants, we have developed a unique financing mechanism working with those who want to invest in private ACMPR applicants, but who also would like to reduce their risk and enjoy liquidity. To do so, these investors invest through Alliance with the bulk of the proceeds being used to acquire an interest in the private applicant, thus giving them the funds they require to proceed with their applications and subsequent operations.

Fundamental Research – initiating coverage

The independent research report dated September 28, 2017, entitled “Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE: ACG): Cannabis Company Developing Cutting Edge Production Facility – Initiating Coverage” was written and produced by FRC’s Vice-President and Head of Research, Siddharth Rajeev, B.Tech, MBA, CFA, as an independent analysis of ACG’s activities and progress.  Alliance Growers does not endorse the recommendations and contents of the research report, nor does it confirm that the disclosures contained in the research report are compliant with CSE policy 5 and applicable securities regulations.

The FRC report is currently available to view, or to download by members, from FRC’s website – or upon written request from FRC:

All reports on Alliance Growers prepared by analysts represent the views of such analysts and are not necessarily those of Alliance Growers. Although the Company has paid a fee to Fundamental Research Corporation to provide its independent research opinion (just as fees are paid to bond-rating agencies and auditors for their opinions), the Company is not responsible for the content, accuracy or timelines contained in an analyst’s report and the fee was not dependent on the opinion provided.

About Alliance Growers

Alliance Growers Corp is a diversified cannabis company driven by the Company’s ‘Four Pillars’ Organization Plan – Cannabis Botany Centre, Strategic ACMPR Investments, CBD Oil Supply and Distribution, and Research and Development.

Alliance Growers has executed an agreement with Botanical Research In Motion International Inc., for a Canada Exclusive License to jointly develop and operate a 40,000 square foot facility to be the first of its kind in Western Canada to house a DNA Botany lab, extraction facility and Tissue Culture Plantlet Production facility to service the Cannabis market and agriculture market in general. The proposed Cannabis Botany Centre will grow Cannabis plantlets using proprietary tissue culture propagation, specifically the “Chibafreen Invitro Plant Production System”, which assures consistent composition and purity of each plantlet for the growers.

Further, Alliance Growers has been negotiating to obtain other exclusive Canadian distribution agreements for certain proprietary products for support of the Cannabis growing industry in addition to possible partnerships with Licensed Producer Applicants at various stages in the Health Canada License process.

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