“Alliance Growers has organized into four divisions
in order to focus our potential for success in the medical marijuana market.”

  • The first Botany Centre will be a 58,000 square foot facility built in Mission, BC

    Cannabis Botany Centre

  • Alliance Growers is investing in and building strategic partnerships with licensed cannabis producers at various stages in the licensing process.

    Licensed Cannabis Growers

  • Medical grade CBD has become highly sought after compound in the treatment of a range of medical issues.

    CBD Oil Supply & Distribution

  • Developing technologies that will improve the quantity, the consistency and distribution of cannabis production.

    Research & Technology

  • Through their associated partners, Alliance Growers plans to establish a series of Cannabis Botany Centre facilities. The goal of these facilities is to supply licensed growers, both affiliated and external, with high-quality ready to grow starter crops. This starter crop is produced through a proprietary in vitro-culture process called “Chibafreen” to produce tissue cultured plantlets that reduce costs and maximize efficient production. A state-of-the-art greenhouse will be part of the Cannabis Botany Centre, allowing the facility to operate as a year-round nursery for the newly cultured cannabis crop.

    Alliance Growers has partnered up with WFS Pharmagreen to start constructing a new botany centre in Mission, BC. WFS Pharmagreen has already purchased the land upon which the proposed cannabis botany centre will be established. The new facility will be built and operated through WFS Pharmagreen new subsidiary, BC New Co. Alliance Growers has entered into a binding Letter of Intent with WFS Pharmagreen Inc. to acquire an equity stake in this subsidiary. Alliance Growers will purchase a non-dilutive 30% equity interest in BC New Co., bringing their project revenue share to 30%. Alliance Growers will purchase up to 30% of BC New Co Shares for total consideration of $4.5 Million within the next nine months.

    Botanical Research In Motion (B.R.I.M.) has granted Alliance Growers the use of its patented Chibafreen process for the production of plantlets from selected plant tissue at the Cannabis Botany Centre. The facility will also house a cold storage area utilizing their one-of-a-kind Cryotissue Cold Storage technology for long-term preservation of plant tissue samples.

    The development of the Cannabis Botany Centre will add value to Alliance Growers by providing the potentially for three million cannabis plantlets per year with a potential margin of $4 per plantlet.

  • Through a series of strategic partnerships and investments under negotiation with Licensed Producers, Alliance Growers is set on securing long-term plantlet sale contracts for the Cannabis Botany Centre and off-take agreements at wholesale cost for cannabis flowers to be acquired by Alliance Growers for CBD oil extraction.

    Alliance Growers has entered into an exclusive agreement to acquire Biocannatech which is to become a licensed producer under Health Canada’s “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations” (ACMPR). Incorporated in and located in Côte Saint-Luc Québec, Biocannatech is in the final expedited phase of the ACMPR approval for the production and sales of Medical Marijuana. The company has applied to Health Canada for the building of a 10,000 sq. ft. facility with an attached 120,000-sq. ft. warehouse. Projected Gross Revenue is $10 Million per year, and with additional approval the facility can be expanded to 70,000 square feet. Projected gross revenue of the expanded facility stands at $70 million per year. The primary construction phase is targeted for March 2018 and facility’s expansion estimated to be operational in late 2019.

    Alliance Growers has negotiated terms on a 5% non-dilutive interest in New Maple Holdings, the parent company of its wholly owned subsidiary Canwe; a private Ontario-based company that has applied for a producer’s license under the ACMPR. Canwe has access to a 22 acre property 1.5 hours north-west of Toronto, where it plans to build a facility focused on producing clean, premium quality cannabis. The company has amassed a highly qualified team which includes licensed producer MedReleaf Corp.’s former Head Grower Jack Yu, an expert cannabis grower who is intimately knowledgeable in the cultivation of cannabis from seed to sale.

    Alliance Growers plans are to continue seeking further strategic investment opportunities in additional ACMPR companies to secure plantlet sales and CBD offtake agreements.

    Alliance Growers is also in discussions for the joint development of 50 hectares of land for the growth of high-quality cannabis plants, as legally permitted in an offshore, low operating cost jurisdiction. It is anticipated that the majority of the plant production would be processed for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil. This would facilitate the importation of cannabis products into various U.S. states, Canada (when legalized), and other countries as legally permitted.

    ArcView Market Research released its fourth edition of The State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, and it includes the prediction that the legal cannabis market will see $21.8 billion in total annual sales by 2020.

  • Alliance Growers’ goal is to become a world leader in the production and supply of pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD) oil. To accomplish this goal Alliance has completed an agreement with Pharmagreen in building and operating the Cannabis Botany Centre that will include its own world-class facility for extraction and processing of CBD oil.

    Alliance Growers is finalizing an agreement with an Israeli medical cannabis company for a 20% equity investment to developing pharmaceutical grade CBD oil. The Israeli government has encouraged cannabis research since the 1960’s, and in 2017 the government announced it is investing $2.13 million in new research projects.

    Israel’s Health Ministry’s Medical Cannabis Unit believes cannabis should be considered in the same manner as any other medicinal product. Licensed suppliers provide cannabis to Israel’s roughly 26,000 registered patients, creating a domestic market of about $15 million to $20 million.

    Hebrew University researchers synthesized 22 versions of the cannabinoid molecule that have great potential for treating neurological and inflammatory diseases. After some success in using substance to treat epileptics, researchers will launch clinical trials to check the effect of cannabis oils on individuals with severe behavioral problems such as autism.

    International companies regularly join forces with Israeli academic and medical institutions to create new medications. In February of 2017, an Israeli government committee approved a plan that would allow medical marijuana companies to export products internationally.

    The Hemp Business Journal reports that the CBD market is growing at a rate of 30% per annum, and forecasts that sales of CBD Oils from marijuana-based sources are expected to reach $1,650,000,000, or 79% of the Total CBD Market of $2,100,000,000 by 2020.Generated revenue from the extraction, processing, and resale of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in Canada, USA, and offshore producers is estimated at several million dollars per year.

  • The Chibafreen Process
    The Chibafreen Process

    Alliance Growers are committed to being at the cutting edge of cannabis development so as to remain competitive in this expanding and ever changing industry.Through Botanical Research In Motion International Inc. (B.R.I.M.), under the guidance of Peter Wojcik and Dr. Fawzia Afreen, Alliance Growers will thoroughly pursue research and development to establish a presence in the industry’s newest advancements. Alliance Growers has already secured use of B.R.I.M.’s proprietary, state of art Chibafreen in-vitro plant production technology. Utilizing clean tissue culture from existing plant strains, this process can produce ready to grow plantlets based on the original. The Chibafreen process is efficient enough to produce over one million plantlets per year and can be adapted to all varieties of flora potentially serving the entire agricultural industry.

    B.R.I.M. has also developed a one-of-a-kind, proprietary Cryotissue Cold Storage technology for long-term preservation and regeneration of plant tissue samples. This feature will provide cultivators with the ability to preserve desired plant breeds and have plantlets produced as needed.

    Alliance Grower has secured access to a proprietary CBD strain, named “CBD DANA.” With a tested content of 10% plus CBD, and THC of less than .3%, CBD DANA is a unique strain with its high CBD and low THC content. This makes it ideal for cultivation as an “Industrial Hemp Plant” label, and therefore an optimal strain for Industrial Hemp farming. This strain will be one of the flagship strains for CBD Hemp farming, and the female plantlets produced in the Tissue Culture Lab within the Cannabis Botany Center will be available for hemp farmers on a global scale. Providing Hemp farmers all female, fully rooted plantlets, of “CBD DANA” will provide a significant yield in CBD production for hemp farmers. This is because the content is 1000 times or higher than traditional Hemp strains with 1% CBD content. Additional increase in the CBD yields is achieved when no males are present to pollinate the females, increasing the flower content by an additional 80%. The Cannabinoids are mainly produced in the flower portion of the female plant, therefore planting female plantlets instead of planting from seed eliminates the males and keeps the flower production at maximum.