Alliance Growers Corp. (“ACG”) is a cannabis company dedicated to building shareholder value through its ‘4 Pillars’ business strategy. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (“CSE”) under the symbol ACG and on the Frankfurt Stock exchange (“FWB”) under the symbol (“1LA”). The company’s head office is in Vancouver, BC.
ACG is accelerating its business activities by focusing on the cannabis sector with an eye toward on a regional, national and international marketplace. ACG has moved to develop a Cannabis Botany Centre with Botanical Research In Motion International Inc. (“B.R.I.M.”) whereby B.R.I.M. will allow Alliance Growers to jointly develop and operate multiple cannabis focused Botany Centres in Canada and will include the following:
1 – B.R.I.M.’s proprietary “Chibafreen Invitro Plant Production System”
Utilizing its proprietary state of art clean tissue culture lab room designed to produce over one million Tissue Culture Plantlets per year. The design is scalable and designed for all flora to serve the entire agriculture industry.
2 – B.R.I.M.’s proprietary Cryotissue Cold Storage
Utilizing the one-of-a-kind Cryotissue Cold Storage technology for tissue culture preservation and regeneration as needed on long term basis.
3 – Extraction Lab
Provide custom profiles for extraction for botanicals oils for retail market.
Provide extraction services as retail services to cultivators.
4 – Botanical DNA Services Laboratory
Certifying plant tissue as the genetic level.
Additional DNA mapping services.
5 – B.R.I.M’s proprietary research for cannabis for large commercial scale micro propagation production when permitted.
Alliance is focused on securing long term plantlet supply contracts and offtake agreements at wholesale cost for flower to be used for CBD oil extraction through a serious of strategic alliances and investments in Licensed Producers at various stages in the license process. ACG is creating a joint venture to develop pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol oil (CBD Oil). The joint development of land for the growth of high quality cannabis plants would occur in an offshore, low operating cost jurisdiction where it is anticipated that the majority of the plant production would be processed for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade CBD Oil.