Spyder Vapes Retailer

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Spyder is an established vaporizer and eCigarette retailer based in Ontario, with strong revenues and an aggressive growth plan. The Spyder brand is defined by its high-quality proprietary line of e-juice, liquids and exclusive retail deals, dispensed in uniquely designed stores creating the optimal customer experience. Revenues for the initial two stores totaled $733,000 for the year ending January 31, 2018. Their third store opened in December 2017.

Spyder Vapes, as the retail arm for Alliance Growers, will create a true seed-to-sale business for the company and its customers after national legalization.



Biocannatech has an application to build a 10,000 square feet facility with an attached 120,000 square feet warehouse for a projected gross revenue of $10 million per year. Construction is targeted for March 2018. With additional approval, the facility can be expanded to 70,000 square feet with a projected gross revenue of $70 million per year. The expansion is estimated to be operational in late 2019.

Alliance Growers will supply financing and resources to build out the medical marijuana facility in preparation for the inspection required to obtain a growing license. Once Health Canada is satisfied with a successful crop, Alliance Growers will be granted its distribution license.

CBD ‘DANA’ Hemp Strain

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Alliance Grower has secured access to a proprietary CBD strain named “CBD DANA,”. The unique strain has been tested for a content of at least 10% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. This CBD yield is substantially greater than traditional hemp strains which typically have at most a 1% content. The lower THC content allows the strain to be classified as “industrial hemp” which makes it ideal for cultivation with less restrictive regulation.

The female plantlets produced in the Tissue Culture Lab at the Cannabis Biotech Complex will be available for hemp farmers on a global scale. Providing hemp farmers with all female, fully rooted plantlets of the strain will provide a significant yield in CBD production for hemp farmers.

Cannabis Biotech Complex

The first Cannabis Biotech Complex being developed in Mission, BC by Alliance Growers in partnership with BC New Co. will primarily produce plant clones called “plantlets” as a service for cannabis growers to maintain consistent plant strains. The complex will also house facilities for cold storage of plants, CBD oil extraction, and allow our partner Botanical Research In Motion International Inc. (B.R.I.M.) to continue developing new technologies in house.

The plantlet supply contracts the Cannabis Biotech Complex offers will also secure “offtake” agreements for flowers at wholesale cost to be used in CBD oil extraction. These contracts will be made with both external growers as well as Alliance Growers’ own subsidiary producers.

“Building a diversified global cannabis company
focused not on where the market is today, but where it is going.”

Alliance Growers was incorporated 2014 in Vancouver, Canada and is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under ACG, and on the Frankfurt Stock exchange under the symbol 1LA. The company is dedicated to building shareholder value with its focus on the regional and international regulated medical cannabis market.

Our “Four Pillars” strategy maps out a network between licenced cannabis growers, cannabidiol (CBD) oil extractors, new agricultural technologies, and our own Cannabis Biotech Complex.